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The Institute for Continuous Improvement in Public Services' (ICiPS) mission is to embed continuous improvement (CI) within the delivery of public services; developing a continuous improvement community that works as one to share best practice, knowledge and ideas. ICiPS' International Standards of Practice are at the heart of all their activities and their Professional Members enjoy recognition for their skills and experience in the delivery of CI.


Westminster Briefing

Westminster Briefing is part of Dods Parliamentary Communications, Europe’s leading political information, public affairs and policy communication specialist. Established in 2003, Westminster Briefing runs half-day and full-day events covering all areas of public policy, from education to health and criminal justice. Our briefings are aimed at providing delegates with an understanding of the practical implications of legislative changes and policy interventions. We attract leading figures from the Government, the wider public sector and industry to speak at our events, which are attended by a mix of policy.

The House Magazine

The House, Parliament's very own magazine delivered to every MP and peer directly, includes columns, diaries and reviews from MPs and peers.



Dods is a political information, publishing, events and communications business operating in both the UK and Europe. Dods produces a wide variety of events which facilitate face-to-face engagement, sharing best practice and shaping and delivering policy. These include policy conferences, award ceremonies and bespoke strategic platforms to bring policy-makers and stakeholders together in an environment that allows deliberation, dialogue and collaboration.


Training Journal

Training Journal gives learning and development the focus it needs. Their philosophy is to deliver informative, timely and practical content of the highest quality to assist anyone involved in workplace Learning and Development, nurturing skills and knowledge and changing attitudes to learning within the organisations of its members.

Civil Service World

Providing authoritative, high-quality journalism to the civil service and national politicians, Civil Service World is the only independent professional publication available to every senior civil servant in the UK. The brand’s success is based both on our unique access to top Whitehall officials, and the trust we’ve built up across government.

For ten years, we’ve worked to keep civil servants informed about what’s happening across government: the people, agendas, policies and reforms that – for good or ill – affect your working life. And until this summer we did so in a fortnightly tabloid, full of interviews, features, opinions and news examining contemporary topics across UK government.